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Custom Design Dog Boxes

Our goal is to make the best boxes that meet the needs of everyday hunters. They are light weight and affordable. We keep the dog's comfort in mind. Our boxes can be custom designed to meet your needs.


Standard Features Include:

Welded Aluminum Frames
Completely Insulated    
Rubber Lined Dog and Storage Compartments    
5" Top Storage    
17" x 14" Doors    
Side Vents with Slide Closure    
Gravity Latches  

Custom Features Include:

3-Gallon Water Tank    
Foot Pedestal on ATV boxes    
Top Rack    
Custom Built Dog Boxes

Summer Dog Box

Summer Aluminum Dog Box - Ideal For The Hot Humid South

These Aluminum Dog Boxes are made with the dog's comfort in mind. Well ventilated for maximum air flow while moving from on location to another. They also come with rubber mat on the floor for helping keep your dogs sure footed. Also easy removal makes it easy to keep clean.

Hunting Dog Boxes

They also have plenty of storage for all of your tracking collars, cut collars, cut vest, leashes and hog hobbles. Our storage areas are a full 5 inches deep and lined with the same strong rubber mat as our dog floors are.

Hunting Dog Truck Boxes

Customize your Summer Dog Box with our 3-Gallon Water Tank and that will be one less thing you need to find room for when getting ready for the hunt.

Custom Hunting Dog Boxes

With our 17" x 14" doors there the right size to get one dog at a time out of the box. And our Gravity Latches give you hands free door closing. And a way to lock them.

With our Welded Aluminum Frames your dog box will give you years of faithful service, just like your best hunting dog.

This Box has the water tank option This Box has the cooler platform option This Box has a full top deck Custom Truck Dog Boxes

Small Size Truck Dog Box

Small Truck Dog Box Aluminum Dog Boxes

Measures 38' W x 40"L x 24"H

Custom Made Dog Boxes Custom Truck Dog Boxes

Full Size Truck Dog Box

Aluminum Dog Boxes Custom Made Truck Dog Boxes Customize Your Truck Box With a 3 Gallon Water Tank

Measures 45' W x 40"L x 24"H

All of Our Custom Truck Dog Boxes Come With Rubber Lined Flooring Custom Made Aluminum Truck Dog Boxes ATV Dog Boxes - Supplies 4 Working Dogs

Aluminum Dog Houses

doghouseFV1.jpg doghouseFV2.jpg
36" Width
24" Deep
24" Tall
4" Legs

Insulated, Aluminum 

3 Inch Lip to Keep 
Shavings In

Rubber Matting on 

Optional Rubber 
Matting on Top

Red - Black - White - Charcol Gray
doghouseFV3.jpg Aluminum Dog Houses

ATV Dog Boxes

ATV Dog Box

Customized to fit ATVs

ATV Dog Boxes - Front View ATV Dog Boxes - Back View

Standard Box includes:


Foot Pedestal with Storage

3-Gallon Water Tank

Top Rack over Dog Compartment
ATV Dog Boxes - Side View

ATV 2 Compartment Summer Box

Custom Design  ATV  Summer Box

ATV Summer Box Custom Design  ATV  Summer Box

Side View Storage            Half Top with Rail
4 Wheeler Dog Boxes

4 - Wheeler Dog Box

18" x 36"
1 - 17" x 14" Door
Top Storage Optional
4 Wheeler Dog Boxes Custom Trailer Dog Boxes Trailer Dog Box Custom Trailer Dog Boxes

Dog Box Trailer

5'x8' Trailer 57"x23"x24" Full Front Storage Dog Box: 2 Compartments with 2 Door Access Rear Walk-out Area: Has Half-Top Storage and Overhead Access to Dogs.

Our Dog Box Trailer has 2 Open and 2 Closed Dog Compartments with Connecting Doors that can be closed off from inside and Full Storage.

Our trailers come with road ready lights and fit a standard 2" ball.

Trailer Dog Box Custom Made Dog Boxes

Custom Made Dog Boxes

Custom Made Double Stack Dog Box

With this custom made double stack dog box you can remove just the top when all you need is room for a couple of dogs.

Custom Made Truck Dog Boxes

Special Design for a Terrific Customer - Extra Tall for Large Dogs, Storage and Observation Chair.

Custom Made Dog Boxes
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