Pet Awareness - December

lyme disease December is Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

Flea and tick prevention from PetCareChoice.April is Lyme Disease Awareness MonthApril is Lyme Disease Awareness MonthLyme Disease is a condition that frequently affects thousands of dogs each year. With the warm weather comes the Fleas and Ticks. Lyme Disease is transmitted to your pet from certain Ticks.

Lime disease is caused by a bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. It is a disease that can attack many systems in your petís body.

Lyme disease is a perplexing condition because it can present itself in so many different ways. No two cases are alike and the wide variety of symptoms that Lyme can produce can be confused with many other dog diseases. Because if this, it is sometimes called the Great Pretender. The fact that Borrelia usually produces no immediate symptoms at all in most dogs, makes the situation even more confusing.

The best way to control Lyme Disease is thru prevention. This can be done with regular application of Flea & Tick medications. You can also apply approved pesticides to your lawn and garden areas.

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