Nylon Dog Collars


These Leashes Are Available In 8 Colors

Nylon Dog Leashes

These Leashes can be ordered in custom lengths

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Supplies 4 Working Dogs Family - One Inch Nylon Dog Collars

Dog Collars 1 Inch

These are quality 1 Inch Wide Collars made with 100% nylon, which has a tinsel strength of 6000lbs. These collars come with a limited LIFE TIME WARRANTY on the manufacturing. If it breaks or starts to come unraveled, send it back and we will fix or replace for the cost of shipping. FOR YOUR DOGS SAFETY and COMFORT, With a neck size of 22 inch or more please consider a 1-1/2 inch collar.

Our Collars are sold by the Neck Size not the Over All Length.

Our Products are made to order and most will be shipped within four - five business days.

1 Inch Nylon Collar

1" Collar

1 Inch 2 Color Collars

1" 2 Color Collars

1 Inch 3 Color Collars

1" 3 Color Collars

1 Inch Nylon Choker

1" Nylon Choker

1 Inch Slip Proof Training Collar

1" Slip Proof Training Collar


This Collar was Designed 4 the Dog That Can Back Out of Everything You have Tried But Not This!

These Collars are made to order, for a custom fit every time.