Nylon Dog Collars


These Leashes Are Available In 8 Colors

Nylon Dog Leashes

These Leashes can be ordered in custom lengths

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Adjustable Nylon Dog Collars
1 Inch Wide

Our Adjustable Nylon Collars come in 8 different colors, and 3 different sizes small, medium and large. All of our adjustable collars are made of 100% Nylon, rated 6000lb per 1 inch of width.


Our Products are made to order and most will be shipped within four - five business days.

Adjustable Collar Large - Fits Neck Sizes 18 inch to 24 inch

1" Adjustable Collar Large


1" Adjustable Collar Large, many colors to choose from!
Fits Neck Sizes 18" to 24"

Adjustable Collar Medium - Fits Neck Sizes 15 inch to 20 inch

1" Adjustable Collar Medium


1" Adjustable Collar Medium, many colors to choose from!
Fits Neck Sizes 15" to 20"

Adjustable Collar Small - Fits Neck Sizes 12 inch to 16 inch

1" Adjustable Collar Small


1" Adjustable Collar Small, many colors to choose from!
Fits Neck Sizes 12" to 16"

Nylon Adjustable Dog Collars-1 inch Wide

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